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For those of you gagging right now ha ha 🙂  Don’t you love when babies poop up their backs, it’s even better because I forgot a spare outfit so he is going to be nakie for a while.


What a beautiful day… to get hit in the head

It was such a beautiful fall day yesterday that me, Eden and Jack decided to take a walk to the park. On the way home Eden found a big long stick on the ground and started hitting the trees to make the leaves fall….so cute until she hit me in the head!!!! She felt really bad and started crying I told her it didn’t hurt and that I knew it was an accident she kept crying so I said my head is not a pinata, then she laughed. She is such a sweet girl.
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Eden after dentist

Eden had to get a tooth pulled this morning, we decided it would be best to do the conscious sedation. She was prety funny, she was laying on the couch “swimming” and she kept farting and laughing. She would try to walk and she kept saying “I feel wiggley, I like being wiggley” I am glad it’s done and went well, John said the tooth fairy pays extra for teeth that have been pulled so she is pretty excited to see how much she gets 🙂

The good stuff…

Jack already has good taste 🙂 ( just so no one call child protective services he didn’t really drink any)
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