It has been a crazy couple of months with some BIG life changes. John had back surgery on may 21 st, he is doing good but it is still a healing process.He was off work for 2 months, we would have never made it with out our family, they all helped so much we can never thank them all enough. I got a new job, I had worked at my previous job for 9 years It was sad to leave, I really like my new job though. Our beloved dog abby died of cancer, I still cry when I don’t see her laying by the back door, our house feels a little empty. Life is crazy sometime but now it feel like it might get back to somewhat normal. On a happier note Jack is walking!!! He also says a couple words, papa, dada, mama, no and he says bock bock when you say chicken. Eden started 2nd grade and loves it. Her teacher is new this year and she is really nice and good with the kids.