Sometimes Eden says things that make me laugh and wonder how she came up with it. We were watching Casper today and in one part the girl says their is no such thing as ghosts, Eden turns to me and say I think boys turn into ghosts and girls turn into angles. A couple days ago it was windy and rainy and also sunny and warm at the same time. Eden told me that meant it was a lamb and tiger day. In other news our dryer broke 5 days ago so John took it apart to get to the heating element ( I thought that was the broken part because it wouldn’t heat up) that ended up not being the problem so we just decided to buy a new one, my uncle had a great deal on a Maytag one that came in with a dent. My dad and brother delivered it and installed it for us, I was so excited to do laundry but when we turned it on it made a loud grinding sound. So the next day a repair man came to look at it, he said the drum was dented and was rubbing when it was spinning but he fixed enough we could use it until he got a new drum in. I stayed up until midnight and did 6 loads of laundry that day!! I think its a laundry for me.