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The movie game

So does anyone else play the movie game? You know where a song comes on the radio and you say what movie and the other person has to guess? Or you say a line from a movie that fits with the situation and say, come on what movie? Thats a big thing in our family our dad is the all time winner ( I like to think I’m a close second) I didn’t realize how competative I was until last night at albertsons. It all takes place in the frozen food isle.

Lady #1 to lady #2- What kind of juice do you want ,orange?

lady #2- sure.

Song comes on: Hungry eyes

lady #1 oh what movie come on you know

lady #2 no what movie?

lady#1 what you don’t know?

lady #2 no!

ME: I DO!!!

laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha ha from both ladies

lady #2 to me- ok what movie

Me- Dirty dancing (my face turns red) best movie ever!

ladies-ha ha ha ha yup!

I am such a dork!



We got a new truck, well new to us but I still love it. We have an 88 for bronco 2 that we got from my parents 5 years ago. We spent a lot of money rebuilding the engine then a new paint job fallowed by new tires and of course a new sound system needless to say we loved that car! But lately its been running like crap! It dies at almost every stop light so I would have to put it in neutral and rev the engine so it wouldn’t die (I really just wanted to race someone Ha ha just kidding) I was helping my dad with a delivery in Nephi, he remembered a car lot their so we decided to drive by and I saw it and fell in love! Its lifted with big tires ( yes I am compensating for my lack of boobs:)  and black, the color we wanted and the price was right! It is so nice to drive a car that runs good, It’s a 99 but thats still 11 years newer than the bronco I LOVE IT! Sorry the pictures are not that good.

Dirt cup anyone?

Eden loves to cook so I bought her a cookbook for kids and let her pick out a couple things to make. I loved these dirt cups as a kid so we decided to make them first. You can tell eden likes them by her chocolate pudding face. She did a great job and was really proud of herself .

Bed head

I told Eden we are going to shave her head like daddy. 

Sand dunes

We went to the sand dunes on Sunday it was so much fun!!! I got a chance to try my 4-wheeler in the sand and get a sun burn. I had planed to take some pictures and even made sure to charge the batteries for the camera but some one left it turned on (guilty..oops) so no pictures. Eden played in the sand for hours, she kept her goggles on the whole time so she wouldn’t get sand in her eyes and she washed her hand every 10 minutes just to get them dirty again silly girl.