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Sand hallow, firday the 13th

Friday the 13th we left for our trip to sand hallow ( close to St. George) My parents let us barrow their trailer, we got loaded up and on our way. After driving for an hour we stated hearing weird nosies coming from our then shaking then ping pop ping. We pulled of in Scipio at a chevron gas station. We got out and saw transmission fluid pouring out of the truck. We called my dad to come get us and called a Tischners to come tow the truck. We were just planning on going home but I have the BEST parents ever. My dad drove his truck and my mom fallowed him so we could take their truck and go on our trip,  they drove both their cars to a place an hour away so we could go camping, with the current gas prices I’m putting this one up their with donating a kidney 🙂 Johns brother and his family came with us to they took eden and went ahead while we waited for the tow truck. We arrived at sand hallow around 9 that night. The next morning we loaded up our cars and drove to the water thats 2 miles from the camp ground we pulled our cars right down to the beach, it was so pretty (I wish I remembered my camera) we played in the water for a couple hours. Then the camp ground police came and told us we had to move our cars off the beach. They said their were signs all over that said no vehicles ( we counted 1 tiny sign ) so john went to take the truck back and got stuck in the sand grrrr!!!!!!! It took 30 minutes and 7 people to get it out!! It was a crazy weekend and just to top it off john ran over his foot with the 4-wheeler it ground sand into it so it was orange, then when we got home I took my dads truck to the car wash, I had a ramp in the back that we barrowed from my uncle Karl I set it on the wall at in the car wash stall so I could spray out the back.  I drove off with out it!!  Half way home I turned around and went back and it was gone! I left then a note with my phone number and luckily they called me today to say they had it. Needles to say we had a very eventful weekend that we will never forget.


Cards & cupcakes

John and eden made me blueberry cupcakes and wrote me I love you letters as a surprise when I got home

from work. It made my day!