I bribed Eden with an ice cream bar if she ate her lunch, I didn’t tell her what kind they were (vanilla with a chocolate center covered in cookie mmmmm) after her lunch I got one out of the freezer and started to open it so she still couldn’t see what kind it was, she starts dancing and says ” I am so excited by butt cheeks are together” silly girl. So our truck is having problems again, I was at old navy driving out of the parking lot when it stared making a really weird noise so I pulled into lowes parking lot and called john to come get us, we had it towed to tischners where we always have it fixed. One of the spark plugs blew out of the hole, they called and said it was about 200 to fix so I said fix it. well they called again today and their is water in the cylinders caused by a leaking intake manefold
gasket and now it will be $875 to fix all of it, I was thinking with our luck it would be a lot worse so hopefully this is the last major problem this truck has!