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Mothers day camping

For mothers day we went camping up Spanish Fork Canyon for the weekend. We took our trailer that we bought a couple weeks ago, it’s old but it gets the job done. Jodi, Cody and our niece Jayne came to. They all had fun riding the 4 wheelers and I had fun sitting by the fire.
The last ride they went on before we left they found mud so you know it was fun. Daisy and Thomas came to I was worried that Thomas wouldn’t be a good camping dog but he did great, he stayed in the camp site and played a lot of fetch with daisy. Now every time I go outside he fallows me and runs to the trailer.

camping 021

camping 022

camping 030

camping 031

camping 032

camping 033

camping 035


Such a lady…..

I was at wal-mart with Eden and my sister Jodi getting grocery’s for camping this weekend when Eden announced that her butt cheek itched, she then puts her hand down her pants and scratched it. gross, but it gets better, then she reaches up and scratches her nose. I looked at her and told her how gross that is and she says
” It’s OK mom it was a different finger” Me and Jodi were laughing so hard. I don’ know what I am going to do with her 🙂

32 weeks and growing!!

I am 32 weeks today and it has gone by really fast. I went and bought a pack of diapers a changing table and a crib ( we got rid of all our baby stuff ) I found the cutest bedding I will post some pictures when I get the nursery set up. We have decided we will probably name the baby Jack, it the name we can all agree on. My sisters boyfriend Cody says we have to name name him Harold. I keep having dreams that I am holding a baby boy and I call him Harold…weird! I hope the next 8 weeks goes by fast and that i don’t get to huge, I have had a lot of people tell me how big I am now. I was out planting flower the other day and my neighbor came over to talk to me so I stood up and waddled over to say hi she looked at me and said “your going to be as big as a house!!” yup her exact words. Then me and Eden were at the mall and we walked by the green tea weight loss both, the girl working there looked at me and said “do you want to try a sample” really? That stuff must cause brain damage or she was dumb to begin with. Then while I was working, helping a lady with mattress she asked when I was due so I told her the end of June she said ” you look like your ready now” nope still have a while. You just don’t say things like that to a pregnant lady. I keep picturing the monster verses alien movie where the tell the lady “the government has now changed your name to ginormica”