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I droped a fifteen pound dumbell on my toe and it really hurts!!! It reminded me of a sign I saw that said House work wont hurt you but why take the chance. I was cleaning out under my bed and put all the random unused stuff in a laundry basket with the dumbell resting on top, not so smart, when I walked by it fell right on my big toe!! John got a bag of frozen corn for me to put on it, Im pretty sure it’s broken but I will wait and go to my doctor tomorrow, we dont have the best insurance and their is really nothing they can do.


Shopping and fabric

It’s almost time for eden to go to kindergarten!!! I’m freaken out man! We went school shopping at target and ross and got some cute things, she had to have the hanah montana shirt, she hugged it at the store and squeeled how could I say no. My favorite is the plaid dress and brown leggings so cute!!

My aunt Tracy gave me some really cute fabric to make a skirt for eden, I LOVE IT!! I can’t wait to get started, I hope to have it done by sunday.

I got this fat quarter bundle for my birthday it’s Summer in the city from moda, this is my favorite fabric ever they don’t make it anymore thank goodness for ebay 🙂 I have built up quite a collection of this fabric but I can’t bring myself to cut it.

We went camping a couple weeks ago it was so fun, my faith in camping has been restored. It was beautful here are some pictures from the trip.


My parent let us take their trailer, it’s so nice to have a bathroom when your camping………. enough said.