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modest baby

My sister in law who is a labor and delivery nurse called me last night when she was working and asked if we wanted to come to the hospital and use the ultra sound machine to see if we could find out what we were having, we drove right over. She tried for 15 minuets but the baby was being very modest and would not show us the goods!!! At first it was head down then it turned so its butt was back I think it turned in every position but the one we needed, I think its going to have an attitude because at one point it looked at us and started kicking and moving it’s hands like it was saying leave me alone! It was still really fun to see it even if we don’t know what it is yet, Eden really enjoyed being able to see it. My ultra sound is scheduled for February 10th which is also Eden’s birthday so hopefully we can see what is is by then.


Baby likes chicken curry

I made chicken curry for dinner last night and about 20 minutes after eating the baby started kicking like crazy. I have felt a couple kicks before but usually only 2 or 3 at a time. I sat there for 5 minutes of kicks it was so fun I love being able to feel kicks like that. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow were they will schedule the ultrasound. I can’t wait to find out if it’s a boy or girl 🙂

Bad day…

It all started at 5:00 am saturday morning with a sneeze. John woke up to go to work and as he was leaving he sneezed and his back went out. He yelled for me to come help him crawl to bed, it took 10 mintues and he was in a lot of pain it was awful!!! I had plans to go to sew all day with my mom, grandma and aunts but I felt way to bad to leave him alone even though he told me to go. So I played nurse untill he fianlly decided we could go to the urgent care and see a doctor.  john has 4 hurniated disk and degenerative disk disese and the doctors arn’t very nice, we have been to 2 specialist (not cheap) just to be told their is nothing they can do. He is on a non-narcotic medicne that really helps but the doctor who he has to see every 2 months stills gives him crap for taking it,(i Think they judge him beacuse of his tatoo’s and shaved head) anyway they were really nice at the urgent care they gave him a shot in the bum and took x-rays that showed on one of his lower vertebrates their is bone missing like it has been ground away OUCH!! They wrote out 2 percriptions, 1 for a muscle relaxer and  another pain reliver. I drove john home and went to go to walmart to fill the percriptions I took the back way because they are doing construction on the exit to walmart or so I thought, turns out they were doing the construction the way I decided to go I was almost their and saw the road closed sign grrr I turned around and decided to go to sams beacuse I needed milk and dog food to. I drove to sams and got my cart and went to the pharmacy, CLOSED!! GRRRR. I went and grabed milk then to get dog and cat food, when I  grabed the cat food bag and put it in my cart cat food spilled everywhere their was a  huge hole GRRRRRR, so I grabed another one and went and got in line, as I was waiting in line the guy  behind me informed me that my milk was leaking everywhere….FANFREAKINTASTIC. I decided my best bet would be right aid so I drove across town and gave the pharmasist the perscriptions which would take only 15 minutes to fill, I wandered around the store for 10 minutes when they called me back I thought my luck had chandged…nope they told me they didn’t have one of them in stock, of course they didn’t DAMN IT ALL I GIVE UP!! I bought a snickers ice cream bar and some new lip gloss and went home. Funny what can happen when someone sneezes.