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A day of doctors

John had an appt. yesterday at 9:00am with a new doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. bacon. I think we have finally found a good doctor. He actually seemed concerned that 2 of johns vertebrate are being squished and pushed forward. He told him to come back that day at 2:00 for steroid injections to see if that would help, so we got their at 1:45 the nurse told us it would be about a half an hour, well he didn’t get their until 4:00!!! I had a doctors appt. at 4:10. Good thing it only took him maybe 15 seconds to do the shot (with a huge needle right between the top of his butt cheeks OUCH!) We rushed to my appt. and made it just in time. My appt. took all of 5 minutes and everything looks good.


A good sign

I had a doctors appt. last Thursday and found out I am already dilated to a 2 whaawhoo! I hope it means he is as ready I am to have him out!! He just can’t come this week because I still have to set up the crib and John has to go to Connecticut for a dental seminar for work, but after that I am so ready!!!!