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dance baby dance

Eden attends center stage preschool. It’s a really fun school that teaches her dance, karate and singing along with the regular stuff. Her end of the year recital was last Saturday. When it was her class’s turn to go on stage I had butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes, it was so cute to watch she did such a good job I am so proud of her. I can’t believe how fast she is growing up! She says she is going to live at home forever and never get married. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her someday ( around the age of 13!!) that she will think I am the meanest mom ever and want to move out asap!!


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Too many puppies!!!

We have four dog, yes its a lot I know but I wouldn’t change it. We have 2 boxers one named daisy and the other named Abby. We bought dasiy when I was pregnant, so we have had her about six years she is the best dog she listens good and is such a sweet heart but when she was a puppy she was very naughty!! One Christmas a couple years ago she took our presents outside and opened them and every ornament on our tree she could reach she broke into a million pieces, I was so mad I yelled at her “I hope you poop glass” I don’t think I used the word poop though, It seemed very appropriate to swear at that time, but now that she is old she is much better. John brought Abby home as a surprise one day, I felt so bad for her I couldn’t say no. Her owners before us weren’t very nice to her a lot of her teeth have been kicked out and she walked with a limp, she snorts all the time and snores really loud at night. One morning about a year ago I went outside to feed the dogs and noticed Abby wouldn’t walk on her front leg, we thought it best to take her to the vet  John took her in that day. He called me form the vet office I was shocked at the diagnosis, she had bone cancer in that leg, on th x-ray it looked like her bone was a honey comb just full of holes, I cried so did he. The doctor said her leg needed to be amputated, I had to take her back in the next day for surgery I cried a lot, how do you tell a dog they have to cut your leg off, I thought she would hate me, but everything went fine and now I some time’s forget she only has 3 legs. Dakota is 11-12 years old, John has had her for a long time. She is a stink, her joy in life is protecting her food from the other dogs even if she is not hungry she holds the bowl between her paws and if the other dogs come by she growls and licks the food.  Last their is Thomas he is my dog I didn’t get a pitcher of him but he is tiny and very fury he likes to cuddle and doesn’t try to lick your face, I don’t do dog kisses yuck, John always kisses the dogs and all I can think is do you know what they use for toilet paper? SICK!!!!  The white dog in the pitchers name is dune, last time we went to the sand dunes my brother Jonny saw him on the side of the road, we were about 25 miles to the next town and their he was all by himself so we decided to take him home and find a good home for him. He was covered in sheep poop and stunk so bad when we got him in the truck and closed the door everyone started gagging, I was about two gags away from throwing up we rolled down the windows just in time! We gave him food, water and a very long bath. I wish we could have kept him he is such a sweetie, he is only about 6 months old and is bigger than daisy and abby. Johns brother mike took him so at least I will still get to see him.  Here are some pitchers of my dogs, if anyone wants to come pick up dog poop your welcome too!