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I miss her curls

I was looking through all the pictures on my computer when I saw this one. Eden’s hair was so curly when she was younger but as soon as we cut it the curls were gone and I miss them. She looks older with out them but still cute. John’s hair is very curly, when he was little he rocked a fro. I hope this baby will have curly hair like he does, I think it’s so cute when babies have curls, but considering my genetics he will be lucky to have hair, all I had was peach fuzz.


sorry sandy

I feel really guilty posting this after reading about my cousin Sandy’s week from hell with her sick boy. I never thought how lucky I was that Eden takes medicine with out hesitation. She had a fever last night and this morning so I gave her medicine witch she took and said mmmm yummy. So sandy I just have to say you should get a super mom award for having a sick child who doesn’t take medicine easily. Hope he gets feeling better soon!!


It’s a boy!! So not what I expected, but I am so excited!!! I have already bought a lot of girl clothes oops, guess I will have to sell them on ebay. Up side is now I get to go shopping for boy clothes. We had a big debate on names ( I already had girl names picked out ) so I need some opinions here are the ones we like and can agree on, My favorite is Milo but we also like Derick and Tyler. Any suggestions? John wanted to name him Thomas which is a cute name but it’s the name of our dog so not going to happen. I will try to post the ultrasound pictures as soon as I find my camera 🙂 Edens b-day was yesterday she got spoiled rotten!!! My sister Jodi got her a shirt that says Bacon the candy of meat, Eden loved bacon she would eat it everyday for every meal if she could. I can’t believe she is 6 already, I just keep thinking when her baby brother is 6 she will be 12 going on 13, it scares me to think she will be a teenager someday!!!!!!!!

Bowling birthday party

We had edens birthday party saturday at fat cats. We ended up with 10 kids at the party!! It was really fun and kinda crazy. We had cupcakes from the sweet tooth fairy bakery, they were so yummy. They make these little cake bites their that are to die for!! I call them crack cake bites.  I have been to that bakery 3 times this month so far!!  I offset them by walking my dogs at night so hopefully it wont do to much damage, like a 12 pound baby.