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I thought he had it.

I love watching the UFC.  We go to johns brothers house and have dinner and watch the fights. I was really nervous for this fight, Lesnar verses couture. I really wanted couture to win I really thought he had a chance,  he didn’t win 😦 They need to make a separate weight class for giants like lesnar he is huge!



I play tag with my mom.

I have been tagged carrie aka my mom

go to the 4th folder and post the 4th picture-eden’s big foot picture the rules on your blog

2.answer the six “8” questions

3.let each person know they have been tagged by leaving them a comment

I can’t find the picture to post sorry.

8 favorite TV shows

1- Grey’s anatomy

2- biggest looser

3- john and kate plus 8

4- Bones

5-what not to wear

6-the locater

7-south park

8-brothers and sisters

8 things I did yesterday

1-wake up

2- get me and eden ready

3- take eden to school

4- feed dogs and cats

5-laundry and dishes

6-pick eden up

7-vacuumed my new carpet with my new dyson,

8-made chocolate chip cookies, well I opened the package and put them in the oven that counts right?

8 things I look forward to

1- new baby

2- christmas

3-finishing our wood fence

4- weekends, being home with john and eden.

5-picking eden up from school

6- family vacations

7-new fabric

8- shopping

8 favorite restaurants

1-happy sumo

2-truck stop

3-red robbin

4-cracker barrel

5-tgi friday

6- mcgraths fish house

7- pf changs

8- bamboo hut

8 things on my wish list

1-travel, France, Scotland,Oregon,  anywhere 🙂

2- continued health and happiness

3- to be able to remodel my kitchen

4- more time to sew

5-to get really good at sewing

6-take better pictures



8 people to tag

1- a day in the life of us (stefanie)

everyone else in my blog roll has been tagged.

It’s a freakin miracle

It’s not one of those regular miracles like blind man sees or dog saves family from burning house.. nope this is a much bigger miracle……I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!! I though I would never be able to say those words again. My husband said no more kids but after I over heard eden telling her friend that she didn’t have any brothers or sisters it was just her I told John it was out of our hands eden needs a brother or sister. She is so excited and tells me every day to make sure to drink a lot of water so the baby is healthy and not to run into anything with my belly what a cutie she is. I am not due until the end of June so I have a while I can hardly wait 🙂