Eden after dentist

Eden had to get a tooth pulled this morning, we decided it would be best to do the conscious sedation. She was prety funny, she was laying on the couch “swimming” and she kept farting and laughing. She would try to walk and she kept saying “I feel wiggley, I like being wiggley” I am glad it’s done and went well, John said the tooth fairy pays extra for teeth that have been pulled so she is pretty excited to see how much she gets 🙂


The good stuff…

Jack already has good taste 🙂 ( just so no one call child protective services he didn’t really drink any)
aaaaa 028

New pictures

My little man is growing up so fast!! He is such a good baby he smiles all the time!
baby jack pictures new 011
Here is a picture of Eden on the first day of school, she looks all grown up.

baby jack pictures new 003

Family reunion.

Sunday Jack and I (eden went down the day before with my mom and dad and camped) drove with my aunt Nann to our family renunion down by scipio. I made a special point to take my camera to get pictures so I could have a really intrising post, I got so caught up in visiting with everyone and taking care of hungry Jack (is that a pancake mix name?) that I only took one picture while there!  I did however get some cool pictures on the way home of a “controlled” fire that was way out of control.

fabric and fire 008

fabric and fire 010

My little man

I am finally posting pictures of my new little man Jack. He was born July 2, weighed 7lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long. We are so excited to have him here he makes me smile everyday! In other news eden lost her first tooth, the tooth fairy left her $5.00!  Here are some pictures.

baby jack 030

baby jack 037

baby jack 049

baby jack 097

A day of doctors

John had an appt. yesterday at 9:00am with a new doctor, an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. bacon. I think we have finally found a good doctor. He actually seemed concerned that 2 of johns vertebrate are being squished and pushed forward. He told him to come back that day at 2:00 for steroid injections to see if that would help, so we got their at 1:45 the nurse told us it would be about a half an hour, well he didn’t get their until 4:00!!! I had a doctors appt. at 4:10. Good thing it only took him maybe 15 seconds to do the shot (with a huge needle right between the top of his butt cheeks OUCH!) We rushed to my appt. and made it just in time. My appt. took all of 5 minutes and everything looks good.

A good sign

I had a doctors appt. last Thursday and found out I am already dilated to a 2 whaawhoo! I hope it means he is as ready I am to have him out!! He just can’t come this week because I still have to set up the crib and John has to go to Connecticut for a dental seminar for work, but after that I am so ready!!!!