Saturday Me, Eden and Jack decided to go to the this is the place heritage park for the Easter egg hunt, which if not for the awesome garmin gps we got for Christmas from my Mom and Dad we would have never found. I have never been good at finding places I have never driven to. It is so nice to have someone tell you where to go I loved it. The egg hunt was from 2-4 and they had 12,000 eggs hidden, we got there at 2:10 and ALL the eggs were gone!!! It was so crowded you could hardly walk. I felt really bad we drove all that way and didn’t get to find 1 egg ( a nice lady gave Eden and Jack 2 eggs each) so we walked across the street to the Zoo. We had so much fun! There was a baby elephant who was adorable and there was hardly anybody there. We all rode the train and we got hot chocolate and cotton candy.