So does anyone else play the movie game? You know where a song comes on the radio and you say what movie and the other person has to guess? Or you say a line from a movie that fits with the situation and say, come on what movie? Thats a big thing in our family our dad is the all time winner ( I like to think I’m a close second) I didn’t realize how competative I was until last night at albertsons. It all takes place in the frozen food isle.

Lady #1 to lady #2- What kind of juice do you want ,orange?

lady #2- sure.

Song comes on: Hungry eyes

lady #1 oh what movie come on you know

lady #2 no what movie?

lady#1 what you don’t know?

lady #2 no!

ME: I DO!!!

laughing ha ha ha ha ha ha ha from both ladies

lady #2 to me- ok what movie

Me- Dirty dancing (my face turns red) best movie ever!

ladies-ha ha ha ha yup!

I am such a dork!