We got a new truck, well new to us but I still love it. We have an 88 for bronco 2 that we got from my parents 5 years ago. We spent a lot of money rebuilding the engine then a new paint job fallowed by new tires and of course a new sound system needless to say we loved that car! But lately its been running like crap! It dies at almost every stop light so I would have to put it in neutral and rev the engine so it wouldn’t die (I really just wanted to race someone Ha ha just kidding) I was helping my dad with a delivery in Nephi, he remembered a car lot their so we decided to drive by and I saw it and fell in love! Its lifted with big tires ( yes I am compensating for my lack of boobs:)  and black, the color we wanted and the price was right! It is so nice to drive a car that runs good, It’s a 99 but thats still 11 years newer than the bronco I LOVE IT! Sorry the pictures are not that good.