Whirlwind life…

It has been a crazy couple of months with some BIG life changes. John had back surgery on may 21 st, he is doing good but it is still a healing process.He was off work for 2 months, we would have never made it with out our family, they all helped so much we can never thank them all enough. I got a new job, I had worked at my previous job for 9 years It was sad to leave, I really like my new job though. Our beloved dog abby died of cancer, I still cry when I don’t see her laying by the back door, our house feels a little empty. Life is crazy sometime but now it feel like it might get back to somewhat normal. On a happier note Jack is walking!!! He also says a couple words, papa, dada, mama, no and he says bock bock when you say chicken. Eden started 2nd grade and loves it. Her teacher is new this year and she is really nice and good with the kids.


Dear Garmin I LOVE YOU!

Saturday Me, Eden and Jack decided to go to the this is the place heritage park for the Easter egg hunt, which if not for the awesome garmin gps we got for Christmas from my Mom and Dad we would have never found. I have never been good at finding places I have never driven to. It is so nice to have someone tell you where to go I loved it. The egg hunt was from 2-4 and they had 12,000 eggs hidden, we got there at 2:10 and ALL the eggs were gone!!! It was so crowded you could hardly walk. I felt really bad we drove all that way and didn’t get to find 1 egg ( a nice lady gave Eden and Jack 2 eggs each) so we walked across the street to the Zoo. We had so much fun! There was a baby elephant who was adorable and there was hardly anybody there. We all rode the train and we got hot chocolate and cotton candy.

mmmm yummy

Jack’s new favorite thing, Gerber biter biscuits they are magic, they turn to goo and get everywhere and when the goo dries it feels like sandpaper. But he loves them and they keep him entertained for a good 10 minutes!

This picture make me laugh :)


I think Jack is getting his bottom teeth in, he drools a lot and love to chew on things. My mom made some fabric strawberries for the store. I gave one to Jack to chew on and he loves it!! It was soaking wet when he was done with it 🙂 Hopefully the teeth break through soon.

Jacks growin like a bean stock!

Jack had his 6 month check up he is 27 & 1/2 inches long and weighed in at 16 lbs 5 oz! He is in the 80th percentile in height and 30th in weight
I can’t believe it has been 6 months already!


For those of you gagging right now ha ha 🙂  Don’t you love when babies poop up their backs, it’s even better because I forgot a spare outfit so he is going to be nakie for a while.

What a beautiful day… to get hit in the head

It was such a beautiful fall day yesterday that me, Eden and Jack decided to take a walk to the park. On the way home Eden found a big long stick on the ground and started hitting the trees to make the leaves fall….so cute until she hit me in the head!!!! She felt really bad and started crying I told her it didn’t hurt and that I knew it was an accident she kept crying so I said my head is not a pinata, then she laughed. She is such a sweet girl.
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